Book Review – The Christmas Sneak By Marie Harte

Ex-NFL star Deacon Flashman had the perfect woman in the palm of his hands…and dropped the ball.

Considering Deacon’s past performances, that isn’t news. An injury cut short his football career, and then he got taken for millions by a greedy ex-wife. But Deacon’s luck has changed. He’s got a great job, and he’s recently become an uncle again. With the holidays close, he’s getting a second chance. Nora Nielson, the woman who got away, is back. Now he needs to figure out a way to get into her good graces. A relationship with Nora is everything he wants…and everything that scares him. But to let the past go, he’ll have to go big or go home. And the stakes have never been higher.

Published Date : 1 September 2022

My Review

Deacon and Nora have a love hate relationship. Attempted to date once, they end up hating each other. There was chemistry between them but they refuse to acknowledge the feeling. Being force to be in each company, they began to let their guard downs and spark between them exploded. Deacon has been hurt in the past and he refuse to go down that route ever again and Nora has her own secret too.

It is a story of family, friendship, love and relationship that happened in a season of holiday setting. The plot is fun and engaging and overall, it is a quick read to me

My Rating

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