Book Review – Dare Me By Samantha Chase

One year ago, Arianna Donovan and Will Jameson met on a dare and spent a perfect 24 together before going their separate ways. She thought they would stay in touch, but he disappeared without a word.

Arianna thought she’d moved on. But when Will shows up at a family dinner with her older—and very protective—brother, she’s angry and confused. How could he possibly forget to mention that he was friends with her brother? No one knows about their past and Arianna wants to keep things that way. No matter how tempting Will is.

When he walked away a year ago, Will thought it was for the best. Staying away from Arianna was the smart thing to do, especially with how protective her older brother—his friend and fellow soldier—can be. Time and distance will work wonders when you’re trying to stay away from someone. Now that he’s seen her again, he forgets all about doing the smart thing. He’ll just have to first convince her to let go of her anger and give him another chance.

Will isn’t above playing the nostalgia card, and when he challenges Arianna to a sexy game of truth or dare, she can’t resist. Neither one is ready to tell the world what they’re doing, but how long can they possibly keep things a secret when there are Donovans ready to meddle around every corner?

Published Date : 4 October 2022

My Review

Arianna and Will spent one day in California and it is enough for them to discover that they are meant to be with each other until Will left without an attempt to contact her. A year has passed; they met again at family gathering. They must decide now whether what they want and have is worth taking a chance on them or what they have shoe just be a beautiful memory left in the past.

This book focus on family relationship and I love the truth or dare game in the story line as it added humor and fun in the question with the feelings are revealed. Overall, it is a sweet read to me with a mixture of fun, hot and romance in its story plot.

My Rating

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