Book Review – Somebody Like Santa By Janet Dailey

For Cooper Chapman, moving next door to his newlywed sister in Branding Iron, Texas, is the biggest gift he could ask for this Christmas. The divorced single dad knows his troubled teenaged son only needs the healing balm of big skies and family ties.  But soon after settling into their new home, Trevor falls in with some wild friends at his new school, leaving Cooper leaning hard on youth counselor Jess Graver. With grace and wisdom, Jess soothes Cooper’s worries over his son, even as the elusive beauty stirs romantic feelings to life . . .

With the holiday growing closer, young Trevor finds an unexpected mentor in a local farmer, helping him build a horse-drawn sleigh for the Christmas parade. Now the only thing that could make Cooper’s New Year brighter would be making warm-hearted Jess his own. But when he stumbles upon a secret from her past, it will take more than mistletoe to bring them back together and keep her at his side for all the sweet seasons to come . . .

Published Date: 27 September 2022

My Review

Cooper a single father to Trevor decided to relocate to Texas, to be near to his sister’ family. Trevor’s mom has abandoned Trevor and this make Trevor to rebel. He hang with the wrong crowd, on probation and being in juvenile detention. Jess being a school counselor aware about Trevor’s past and when she met him, Trevor dislike her. Cooper being a reporter , believes he saw Jess before and start to do a research on her and when she found out, she determine not to fall for Cooper.

This is a small town holiday story and I love the push and pull relationship between Jess and Cooper. The book is not merely about romance and there are other issues going on in the town. Overall it is a fun read to me.

My Rating

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