Book Review – Happy Endings At Mermaids Point By Sarah Bennett

Music sensation Aurora Storm finally has her career back on track, but then she’s caught up in a media storm. Desperate to distract from the story, she enlists the one man she trusts to pretend to be her boyfriend. 

Meanwhile, in the small seaside village of Mermaids Point, Nick Morgan never expected to see Aurora again. When she calls out of the blue needing his help, he agrees at once. It feels like she’s back in his life for a reason, and he’s determined to make the most of it.

Aurora joins Nick and the rest of his family for their festive celebrations and, as the snow falls, Aurora finds herself caught up in the romance of Christmas. But having tasted worldwide fame, can she ever be content with village life? 

Two weeks is all Nick has to prove to Aurora that there’s a happy ending for them both in Mermaids Point.

Published Date : 1 July 2022

My Review

Aurora, a famous pop star has been a target of a scandal and heads to Mermaid Point to hide out and need Nick’s help to play pretend as her boyfriend to calm the social media frenzy. Nick is still care for her and love her from the first time he met her. When he want to help her out, his family is sceptical that he won’t can hurt in the end but he could not leave Aurora alone to fend for herself.

I love the community and the way they accepted Aurora back to their fold. I love Nick who has been searching for happiness but deep down he know his heart is always with Aurora. The chemistry between these two is so strong from the moment they reunite. The book is all about love and compassion. Overall, it is a delightful read for me.

My Rating

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