Book Review – Christmas Eve Cowboy By Diana Palmer, Delores Fossen & Kate Pearce

Snow is falling, and when it comes to love, so are these rugged, gorgeous cowboys, in a romantic holiday collection from three bestselling authors . . .

FBI agent Thomas Kincaid Jones has soured on love and Christmas, but Annalisa Davis could change all that. Except the lovely nurse isn’t looking to get involved with someone whose job requires a gun on his hip. And Tom has a case to solve that has nothing to do with love. Yet the spirit of the holidays just might spark a lifetime connection . . .

In Christmas Creek, Texas, folks go all out for the holidays, but Sheriff Calen Jameson is too busy commiserating about cheating exes with his best friend, Emmy Kendrick. Calen always thought their bond was too precious to risk, yet maybe it’s time to start making some changes . . . by firing up the heat with Emmy.

Lucy Smith thinks Santa has outdone himself when Caleb Erickson shows up at her B&B. In high school, Caleb was oblivious to her crush. But while they wait out a snowstorm, he’s discovering she may be the gift he never knew he wanted . . .

Published Date: 27 September 2022

My Review

Once there was a lawman by Diana Palmer tell the story of Thomas who is an FBI agent is in town to solve a murder case, met Annalisa who live next door to the motel that he is staying. He becomes friend w Annalisa and as time past, they become closer. However both of them are not interested in marriage..

Christmas creek cowboy by Delores Fossen is about two persons come together after a betrayal by their loved ones. Calen and Emmy found their fiancés together last year at Christmas and have spent the last year together together to come to term about the betrayal:

Christmas Eve Cowboy by Kate Pearce tell the story of Lucy and Caleb. Caleb is Lucy’s brother best friend and she has loved him for years. Caleb is back to town to see his father and to patch back whatever there is left of their relationship. As they found themselves in each other company, Caleb realised that his feeling for Lucy is no longer what it is used to be.

This is 3 short Christmas stories featuring cowboys / sheriff as the hero. These stories have the same theme I.e reunion stories and based on its title, it happen around the holiday. Overall i love all the individual stories.

My Rating

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