Book Review – Someone Like You By Rachel Dove

Hannah leaves her unhappy marriage with her daughter Ava and moves to the village of Leadsham to start afresh. She plans to keep a low profile, focusing on Ava and making a new life for them, far away from her violent ex-husband.

What she hadn’t counted on was Andrew Brody. A police officer with a strict moral code, he knows something’s wrong as soon as he meets Hannah, and he wants to help. But Hannah has been let down by the police – and men – before, and pushes him away.

But the more Hannah tries to ignore Brody, the more she’s drawn to him. Caring, kind and patient, he’s nothing like the man she’s running from. Can Hannah finally put her past behind her, and open her heart to someone new?

Published Date: 21 September 2022

My Review

Hannah ran away with her daughter to a new town to start afresh without her husband who abused her. She plan to keep low profile and focus on her baby’s upbringing. She have to start from scratch without knowing a single soul in the town. She encountered Brody, a lone police officer with strong characters and from the start, Brody sense she is running and he want to help her. But Hannah, given her past, push him away at every corner.

The storyline is very engaging from beginning till the end and I love watching Hannah’s recovery from her past and found her happiness in the end. I love Ava, Hannah’s daughter and Bullet, Brody’s dog too. Overall it is an emotional read to me.

My Rating

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