Book Review – One Last Gift By Emily Stone

For as long as Cassie can remember, there had always been the three of them: Cassie, her beloved big brother Tom, and Tom’s best friend Sam.

Since Cassie and Tom’s parents had died, and Sam’s dad was never around, the three kids had stuck together like glue, getting into mischief, with Tom always looking out for Cassie, and Tom’s best mate put on earth to annoy her.

Now they are adults and nothing much has changed: Tom is sorted, cocky Sam is going places and Cassie is… well, Cassie thinks she’s figured it all out.

And then tragedy happens and three becomes two.

For Cassie picking herself up and moving on seems unimaginable. But then she finds the envelope with her name written on it, asking her to follow the clues to a treasure hunt carefully laid out for her months before. It promises to lead her to one last gift.

And suddenly what seemed like an ending just might be the beginning of something remarkable, unexpected, beautiful and new…

Published Date : 13 October 2022

My Review

Cassie and Tom lost their parent at a young age and both are very close. Both of them spent most of their time with Sam. On every Christmas, there is a tradition initiated by Tom who will send Cassie on a scavenger hunt to find her own gift similar to an amazing race. Sam is Cassie’ s first crush and Sam is Tom’s best friend who are always around for each other. The hardest thing happened when Tom passed away due to a freak accident and before he died, Tom has prepared the annual scavenger hunt for Cassie without knowing that this is their last time. After losing Tom, Cassie took some time before finding courage to find Tom’s one last gift to her.

This book focus on strong family ties, grief after losing loved ones and forgiveness. Reader get to see the evolution of Cassie and Sam and their journey of self-discovery is very meaningful to see. Both of them went thru a complicated and hardship to find their happily ever after. It was an emotional rollercoaster for me reading this book.

My Rating

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