Book Review – Second Bride Down By Ginny Baird

Aspiring artist Misty Delaney is not about to let her parents’ beloved café go under. Not when she can just merge the company by entering a quick marriage of convenience with the rich son of their family’s rival. But her sisters aren’t having it. They all made a deal: they each get one month to find true love. She can’t just fold. To make sure Misty gives finding love a chance, they post a “Marry me: Misty!” billboard outside town. Surely that’ll give her options?

Watching Misty field marriage proposals from strangers, that she clearly doesn’t want, is a big cup of nope for café manager Lucas Reyes. He and Misty have been friends for years, but it’s time he step up and make his romantic feelings for her known. And what better way to start than by sending her unwanted suitors packing with an announcement that she’s already in a relationship. With him.

Lucas’s little stunt buys an extremely grateful Misty one week to come up with a solution that saves the café and keeps her sisters happy. A week during which she and Lucas need to act like they’re in love. Except, between late-night stargazing, crashed mopeds, and dancing in the rain, their pretend romance feels almost…perfect. But it’s one thing to start falling. It’s another entirely to turn one week into forever…

Published Date: 25 October 2022

My Review

Missy was caught in a fire when her sister booked a billboard with her photo and telling the world she is looking for suitor. When mans started to line up outside their cafe, Lucas who work in the cafe declares that he and Missy are already dating. Lucas has been in love with Misty for years but Misty has no idea. Given the situation that man began to stalk her, Misty and Lucas agree to live with each other to show their commitment.

This book is book 2 of Majestic Maine series. I enjoyed the first book and I have high expectation for this book too and it has meet my expectation. Same as the previous book, this book is about strong family bond and friend to lover story. The fact that Misty is not aware or Lucas’s feeling for her was fun to read. This is a fun lighthearted story that make me smile and laugh. Love how these sisters’ bond and their willingness to sacrifice.

My Rating

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