Book Review – Situationship By Marina Adair

Teagan Bianchi has survived a road trip with rambunctious toddler twins and a large mutt named Garbage Disposal. She clings to a tattered scrap of hope that moving into her late grandmother’s house is the best way to repair her failing business—and the sad shreds of her life—after the man who promised her forever lost everything they had. But she’s barely arrived when she finds herself face to face with her teenage crush, now an irresistible man—who still happens to live next door . . .

Veterinarian Colin West is closer to being an empty nester than a soccer dad. His marriage lasted only long enough to give him his beloved daughter, and he has no regrets. But as she readies for college, Colin contemplates his own future—which is, of course, exactly when his past shows up, as gorgeous as ever, and twice as fascinating. But Teagan torpedoed his plans once before. Is he crazy to consider letting her into his life again? Is Teagan ready to admit what she’s really afraid of? Could this unexpected “situationship” be forever?

Published Date : 25 October 2022

My Review

Teagan is back to her family home with her four year old twin after her divorce. Upon arrival, she found her younger sister already living in the house and her first love Colin is staying next door. Colin too have problems or his own. His teenage daughter is giving him trouble and also his boss who focus more on monetary value instead of helping out the animal in needs.

It is a story about family relationship and second chances in love. Love reading how Teagan found her footing and rebuilding her life as a single parent. The characters are well developed and the story of each of the character are easily relatable. I enjoyed watching both Teagan and Collin reconnect and fall in love all over again.

My Rating

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