Book Review – A Second Chance In Valentine Valley By Emma Cane

Steph Brissette is inching back to life after losing her high school sweetheart husband in a tragic accident. Between her family, her work at the Sugar and Spice Bakery, and helping the Valentine Valley widows save an historic schoolhouse, her days are full. It’s only in her dreams that she revisits the accident – one that she can’t quite convince herself was not her fault.That is, until Jeremy Chen comes back to town.
Jeremy left Valentine for medical school and has now returned to take his place as the town’s new doctor. He first knew Steph as the bratty little sister of his best friend. Then, in one heartbreaking moment, she became the woman he saved – and the widow of the man he couldn’t help. Still searching for his new place in town, Jeremy now sees Steph as a desirable woman. But can she ever look at him without seeing everything she lost? The only certainty is that in a town called Valentine, love is always worth a second chance.

Published Date : 8 November 2022

My Review

Steph is a young widow who lost her husband in a skiing accident. She blamed herself for the accident as she was the one who insisted to go for the holiday even though her husband rejected at first. Steph is still recovering from the loss.

Jeremy, a doctor, on the other hand, was there when the accident happened to his best friend’s little sister and was on the ski Petrol that saved Steph but didn’t get to her husband in time. He is now back to Valentine Valley to replace the town’s retiring doctor.

It is a short story about sweet second chance story in a small town with complicated issues that Steph is carrying in her. As Jeremy and Steph started to spend time together, they come to realize their feelings for each other and help each other to heal emotionally from the accident.

My Rating

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