Book Review – The Lost Letters Of Ireland By Susanne O’Leary

Edwina is looking for a fresh start. So when a friend suggests she renovates a series of coastguard cottages in the tiny village of Sandy Cove, she wonders if the beautiful Irish seaside town might be her chance for a new beginning.

Soon after she arrives, Edwina meets Shane O’Flaherty, a charming local doctor, with whom she feels an instant connection. As the pair walk the streets of the picturesque village together, Edwina’s feelings grow stronger, and she begins to wonder whether Sandy Cove might be the place she can finally call home.

But when Edwina discovers a message in a bottle, written twenty years ago and washed ashore at Wild Rose Bay, she is haunted by its contents. Touched by the heartbreaking letter, Edwina resolves to find the person who wrote it.

As she begins to uncover the identity of the person who wrote the letter all those years ago, everything Edwina thought she knew about Shane changes in an instant. Has she unearthed a secret that should never have come to light? And does her heart still lie in Sandy Cove?

Published Date: 20 October 2022

My Review

Edwina is at a cross road that is her life. Edwina just resigned from her job and broke off with her boyfriend. On advice from her financial consultant, Edwina purchased five cottages in Sandy Cove to renovate and refurbish. She does not want the people to know as she foresee the people in town will double the integrity and purpose for the purchase. She also does not want to face her brother Max. She meets the town’s Doctor, Shane and his teen son Daniel whom she find an instant connection. She found a message in a bottle from a young man named Pearce and together with Daniel, she uncover the story of the bottle

This is a story about a new beginning and finding a place to call home.I was drawn to Edwina story as she discovers family secret and along the way finding the true meaning of family and love. Overall, it is a good read to me.

My Rating

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