Book Review – The Wrong Bridesmaid By Lauren Landish

Opposites don’t just attract—they ignite—in a flirty against-all-odds romance by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Lauren Landish.

Wyatt Ford hightailed it out of Cold Springs to get away from his influential family and the unwanted privilege that came with it. Returning for his brother’s wedding dredges up every reason he left. One unexpected bright spot: a curvy knockout who slings burgers, hustles pool…and hates the last name Ford.

Hazel Sullivan is fiercely independent and happy to be maid of honor for her best friend’s wedding, but she isn’t looking for romance. Especially not with a man whose family is dividing her town into a battleground with their development plans. Fighting the family is easy. Fighting Wyatt? Not so much. Why does the enemy have to be so drop-dead gorgeous?

The sparks that fly between Hazel and Wyatt might start out as combat, but one kiss and it’s total surrender. How is a happy ever after even possible for two people with so little in common? Except, of course, for an overwhelming attraction and that growing temptation to say “I do” themselves.

Published Date : 25 October 2022

My Review

Wyatt left Cold Spring to get away from his uncle’s manipulative way and to escape his family’s legacy. To him, this is the only way out for him to prove himself to his father his worthiness. He have no intention to return to Cold Spring up to until his brother’s plea for him to return to witness his wedding.

Wyatt met Hazel upon arriving in town and the attraction is immediate. Hazel is going to be her best friend’s bridesmaid and as both of them prepare for their roles in the wedding, they keep trying to avoid each other but to no avail.

This book is funny and sweet and I like reading the way Wyatt and Hazel’s relationship develop. Love the banter and chemistry between them. Wyatt is rough on the outside who isn’t bad after all and Hazel being sassy and sharp tongue who put people on their place.

My Rating

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