Happy Publication Day – 28 February 2023

Things I Wrote About By Kelsey Humphreys

Their story started over ten years ago but nothing brings out plot holes and character flaws like being stuck together on a private island for a week…

Sadie Canton writes America’s favorite romance novels. She’s created one hit happy ending after another, all while avoiding her own painful cliffhanger.

But she can’t avoid him anymore.

Her sister’s wedding is forcing her to face her demons, her secrets and most of all her best friend turned bitter enemy, Shep Riggs.

The boy she knew is gone and the man before her is angry, arrogant, competitive, and hot as the Caribbean sun bearing down on them. Sadie planned for this. It’s time to be the hero of her own story, face her past and close that chapter of her life for good.

She’s ready for her villain and his jabs, his smirk, even his eightpack.

What she’s not ready for is Shep’s side of the story, and he’s determined to tell it — rough, unedited, and nowhere near The End.

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