Book Review – Marrying The Billionaire Best Friend By Holly Kerr

Mase Stirling—with his balls and his billions—might be the perfect leading man for some.

Not Fiona.

Mase is a baseball player, billionaire’s son, and all-around fun guy. He collects names and numbers as easily as his father pays the bills, sliding into DMs as smoothly as he slides out of their lives. He’s a player both on and off the field and all the tabloids stories prove that he likes it that way.

Fiona prefers the quiet life, happy to watch her friends fall in love like one of her favorite romance novels. Mase, with his leading man looks, isn’t the type to be a knight-in-shining-armor—at least not until he swoops in to rescue Fiona from a panic attack in the middle of a Las Vegas nightclub, But after a few Alabama Slammers, some dance moves even better than Sam Rockwell, and her own Pretty Woman shopping spree, Fiona realizes there’s another side to the scoundrel Mase Stirling.

A side she might actually be falling for.

But when family and furious ex-girlfriends get involved, Fiona’s happily ever after is threatened. Will Mase be able to rescue her again, or will she have to save herself?

Marrying the Billionaire Best Friend is the fourth book in the Suitor Science Series, a sweet romantic comedy with a billionaire bad boy and the sweet, shy girl next door proving that opposites do attract, and true love might be found in Las Vegas.

Published Date : 25 October 2022

My Review

Fiona and Mase are in Las Vegas to celebrate their best friend’s engagement. Fiona is a scientist and struggle to find love while her friends around her have found theirs. Mase is a billionaire playboy. Fiona dislike Mase for his reputation based on the scandal that she read from the tabloids. Things started to turn around when Mase showed his protectiveness over her at the engagement events. They spend the night away understanding each other and ended with them leaving the Elvis Wedding Chapel wearing wedding rings. They decide to keep it a secret as they don’t want their wedding spoilt their friend’s engagement weekend.

From the start of the book, I loved Mase and having him and Fiona as the main character feel like adding chaos instead of picture perfect into the story but it ended well. Love how Fiona took the step to confront Mase’s grandfather which really amazed me. Love how the dialogue was scripted too. Overall it is a sweet and heartwarming romance story to read

My Rating

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