Book Review – Hammer My Heart By Michelle Angelle

All’s fair in love and war until your heart is on the line.

Max blames himself for losing his family home, but when he’s cast on the popular reality show, Go Hard or Go Home, he can’t believe his luck. If only his competition wasn’t a gorgeous woman in work boots and tight overalls.

Sam’s often underestimated because of her looks, but she’s determined to sweep the competition. Not even a cute guy in Clark Kent glasses will distract her. Will her mad woodworking skills and charisma be enough to win over the social media crowd?

Sam and Max should hate each other, but they can’t deny the chemistry simmering between them. When the competition heats up, they must decide if they’ll follow their hearts or fight for the renovated farmhouse. There can only be one winner in this game, but is the prize worth the cost of victory?

Published Date: 28 May 2022

My Review

Max and Sam won the right to compete on Go Hard or Go Home reality competition show. Both of them have their own reason for entering this competition. Max and Sam met at 3rd round auditions and take an immediate dislike to each other. As the two of them fall in love with each other, they felt trapped in the competition facing an obnoxious and manipulative hose

This story is about enemies to lovers theme. The banter between Max and Sam is amazing and I love how both of them trying to help each other eve though they are a competitor against each other. Love the reality concept storyline. There are many twists and turn which keep me turning the pages. Overall it is a pleasant quick read for me.

My Rating

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