Book Review – A Secret Escape To Sunshine Island By Georgina Troy

Welcome to the sunshine island – where the beaches are golden, the lifestyle is perfect and anything is possible.

Popstar Matteo Stanford is eager to escape to the sunshine island to catch up with his old friend Alex and secretly film his latest music video. But within moments of landing, the location for the shoot is leaked to the press, and his island escape and video might be over before they start.

Not to be defeated, Alex’s girlfriend Piper recruits her two best friends Casey and Tara, who run the Smoke and Mirrors stall at the The Cabbage Patch market. It doesn’t take Casey more than a moment to realise the perfect setting for Matteo’s video is Gorey castle, but securing the venue means Casey is soon planning a secret wedding, finding an actress and becoming a set designer!

It’s chaos and crazed fans, peppered with the sweetest moments she’s ever experienced. But could a popstar really fall for island girl Casey Norman?

Published Date: 17 November 2022

My Review

Matteo is in Sunshine Island scouting for place to shoot his music video and visit his best friend, Alex. Unlike other famous celebrity, he seem to really down to earth. Casey is a sweet lady who are willing to find a new location for the shoot and organise it for Matteo. Both Casey and Matteo attracted to each other but their relationship have its complication: Matteo is a celebrity and Casey, just a normal girl from a small town.

The story focus on Casey and Matteo and how their story developed. It is a really good chemistry depicted between them in the story despite their different background. Storyline move on at an excellent pace with focus on family and friendship and lovely sense of community . Overall it is a delightful read to me.

My Rating

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