Book Review – Hate, Rinse, Repeat By Whitney Dineen & Melanie Summers

Christmas is a time for hate…

Maisy Moore is not looking forward to the holiday season. As owner of the only hair salon in Gamble, Alaska, she’ll be run off her feet helping her clients get dolled up for Christmas and New Years Eve parties. Parties she’ll never be invited to.

But that’s not the worst of it. As a single mom, she knows she still won’t be able to give her seven-year-old son, Jack, the kind of magical Christmas his classmates get. Telling him how much she loves him will only get a kid that age so far. If only she could give him what he really wants—to know who his dad is.

The last thing Maisy needs is for NHL star Chase Evans to come waltzing back into town like he’s God’s gift to women. But that’s exactly what he does.

After a taking a crosscheck from behind, Chase’s season is over. Instead of scoring goals, he’s recovering from shoulder surgery, and according to his mother, there’s no better place to recover than home. Because let’s face it, basking in the glow of local adoration won’t be too bad. There are no fans quite like hometown fans.

Chase doesn’t expect is to find Maisy Moore still single. When he does, he decides to see if maybe they could rekindle their brief romance that occurred the night of their ten-year high school reunion. But when he tries to talk to her, he discovers Maisy’s feelings of lust have turned to loathing. And he’s determined to find out why.

Will Maisy manage to keep the identity of her son a secret? Will there be a holiday miracle that will reunite two hard-headed lovers? Will the BOGO special on shampoo and conditioner be a hit?

Published Date: 27 October 2022

My Review

Maisy is a single mom to a seven year old son who live in her small town and own a beauty salon. No one know who is her son father and she guarded the info tightly. After a bad injury, Chase Evans is back in town after his career as a pro hockey player ended. He and Maisy has met at their class reunion and it was there that Jack was conceived. Chase have no idea that he have a son. With Chase back in town, Maisy found it hard for her to continue with the secret and she could not bring herself to tell Chase who Jack is. Maisy is a victim of bully and as a result, she have low self esteem. She have trust issue and for her, relationship is alien to her.

The story is about insecurity, fear and miscommunication in a relationship and how it has cause trouble between 2 individual and preventing a relationship from developing. The banters between Maisy and chase will make you angry and sad. Every page have something that will keep your interest going. Overall this book is a heartwarming story to me.

My Rating

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