Book Review – The Three Loves Of Sebastian Cooper By Zoe Folbigg

As friends and family gather for the funeral of charming and charismatic Seb Cooper, three women sit in the congregation, mourning his loss.

First there is Clair, Seb’s wife and partner of twenty years, and mother of his two children. Furious at Seb for dying and leaving their children without a father, Clair isn’t sure of her place, and has been left baffled and bemused by the conflicting stories of Seb’s last days.

Then there’s Desiree, the woman Seb left Clair for. Heartbroken, self-conscious, and wondering if she made a mistake coming today. 

And the third and noisiest mourner of all is Noemie – Seb’s lover and the last woman to see him alive. 

Three women who loved Seb in their own different ways.

Three women whose lives have now changed forever.

But only one woman knows what really happened at the end…and only one truly had his heart…

Published Date: 27 September 2022

My Review

The story started with Sebastian’s family gathered at his funeral with everyone have in the same question in their ind, how does it happened. As the story progresses, we were introduced to the 3 women in his life; Claire, Desiree and Noemie. The story was told from these 3 women’s perspective and essentially the story of Seb’s life. Claire is his ex wife and partner for 20+ years and mother of his 2 children. Desiree is the women he left Claire and Noemie, Seb’s lover and the last women who the last saw him alive.

Honestly, from the title and synopsis of this book, it was not something i would pick for myself but i m glad that i did. It is a family drama and i love the narrative alternating from present to past and from each character’s point of view which allow the reader to understand how thing really are which unfortunately the character is not privy do. Overall it is a well constructed story that weaves between the main characters.

My Rating

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