Review Card – A Sister’s Promise By Caroline Finnerty

Sisters Laura and Penny were once close, bonded together after the early death of their mother. Laura always had her younger sister’s back until one day everything changed and Penny disappeared.

Twenty years later Laura finds herself alone and at a crossroad in her life; questioning her marriage and her future. Meanwhile Penny has spent her whole life running away from her problems until one day she is forced to stop and face the shocking truth.

When Penny turns up on Laura’s doorstep late one stormy night, holding the hand of a shivering little girl, Laura is immediately suspicious of her sister’s motives. Just what does Penny want and who is this little girl?

Penny carries a devastating secret that will test their bond as sisters and is forced to make an impossible choice.
Can the sisters find it within their hearts to forgive and unite before it’s too late?

About The Author

Caroline Finnerty is an Irish commercial fiction author. She had the idea for her first book In a Moment after she became a mother for the first time and has since gone on to write The Last Goodbye, Into The Night Sky and My Sister’s Child. Her 5th novel The Last Days of Us will be published by Boldwood.

She lives on the banks of the Grand Canal in County Kildare with her husband, four young children and their dog. She also writes as Izzy Bayliss

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