Book Review – A Sister’s Promise By Caroline Finnerty

Sisters Laura and Penny were once close, bonded together after the early death of their mother. Laura always had her younger sister’s back until one day everything changed and Penny disappeared.
Twenty years later Laura finds herself alone and at a crossroad in her life; questioning her marriage and her future.
Meanwhile Penny has spent her whole life running away from her problems until one day she is forced to stop and face the shocking truth.
When Penny turns up on Laura’s doorstep late one stormy night, holding the hand of a shivering little girl, Laura is immediately suspicious of her sister’s motives. Just what does Penny want and who is this little girl?
Penny carries a devastating secret that will test their bond as sisters and is forced to make an impossible choice.
Can the sisters find it within their hearts to forgive and unite before it’s too late?

Published Date: 22 November 2023

My Review

This is a story of 2 sisters who have not be in contact for many years. The story started with Penny who lives in Australia, struggle to take care of her small daughter Willow after she fled from her abusive husband. To make thing worst, she discover that she have cancer. She realise that she have no support and she can’t let Willow to go back to her husband. With no alternative available, she did the only that she can think of, she went home and seek her estranged sister for help.

Laura live a more comfortable wife and have a lovely home. From the perspective of an outsider, she may have it all but with her 2 adult children, she become increasingly notice the fragility of her marriage. Being betrayed before, she discover that her husband is having an affair. She asked him to leave and determine to face the future alone. Until she found her long lost sister appeared at her doorstep together with her niece.

Both Laura and Penny have their own flawed and the way they mend back their relationship is fascinating to read. They had different challenges and truly love the way they pulled thru together. It showed to the reader how precious family unit is. Overall, it is an emotional book to me that had me sobbing hard at the end of the story.

My Rating

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