Book Review – The Sandcastle Hurricane By Carolyn Brown

Cousins Tabby and Ellie Mae are due for a change. Running their aunt’s beachfront bed-and-breakfast in Sandcastle, Texas, is just the thing to shake things up…though their lives spin out of control in more ways than one when a hurricane barrels into the coastline. It’s a miracle it didn’t carry them off to Kansas. Not so lucky are the assisted-living center and a small eclectic group of local folks who take shelter with the cousins.

Two estranged sisters, rowdy as a circus, need a referee for a battle that goes back decades. And a pair of veterans, best friends for years, hash out bittersweet old times. There’s also handyman Alex LaSalle and his business partner, Ricky, experts at repairing the hurricane’s damage—and at making Tabby’s and Ellie Mae’s hearts beat a little faster.

As unpredictable, crowded, and stormy as it gets, the Sandcastle B and B is still the perfect harbor for healing past wounds, finding romance, and making up for lost time. Add in Tabby’s homemade pecan pie, and the Texas shore feels like a little slice of paradise.

Published Date: 8 November 2023

My Review

This is a story of 2 cousins: Ellie and Tabby needed a change in their life decided to manage the family Bed & Breakfast which they inherited from their Great Aunt Charlotte. A hurricane was about to hit them and Aunt Charlotte requesting them to take in 4 elderly guests; Maude, Chloe, Frank and Homer. The story thereafter continue with what the days together as they wait out the hurricane.

This story is about love, second chances and families. in This book come as a surprise for me as there are multiple layer within the story. I feel heartbreaking especially for Ellie and Tabby when their story was revealed.The storyline is very well written and is full of laughters and tears as they learn to coexist with each other and romance blooms too!

My Rating

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