Book Review – Spencer By Leslie North

Desire is the deadliest weapon…

Navy SEAL Spencer Nixon knows falling for Toni Williams is a bad idea. But some women are impossible to resist. Beautiful, intelligent Toni seems dedicated to helping underprivileged children…but her father is tangled in the dark underworld of international terrorism. And Spencer is convinced Coran Williams may have orchestrated his SEAL teammate’s murder.

To Toni, Spencer seems perfect in so many ways—from his sexy, toned body to his razor-sharp wit. But he has a violent side as well, honed by years as a Navy SEAL. And the truth is, it frightens her. Could she ever love someone trained to kill people?

How can Toni choose between family and a man she just met? When those two clash, will her broken heart be a casualty of their war?

Published Date: 17 November 2022

My Review

Toni run a foundation that helped the underprivileged children to read. She is looking for bodyguard to protect her for her upcoming trip to the country of Jubail. She knows her life is in danger if she goes. Spencer and his team suspect that Toni’s father is responsible for the death of his team mate. He was assigned to get close to Toni and to find her father whereabouts and her connection in her father’ business.

This book have 2 strong main characters with suspense and danger as it’s storyline. Its storyline is full of suspense and as it progress, the intensity grows. Overall, it is an enjoyable read to me.

My Rating

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