Happy Publication Day – 27 March 2023

A Sweet Spot For Love By Aliyah Burke

Former pro baseball player Linc Conner knows exactly where his head’s at. Most of the time, he’s completely focused on running his community center and focusing on the kids. But when it comes to single mom Emma Henricksen, Linc can’t see straight. She’s driven, resourceful—not to mention that smart, extra-kissable mouth—and when she’s near, he gets lost in a fog of lust. But getting her he needs her help to convince an investor that they’re engaged.

Emma’s too busy raising her gifted little girl to have a sex life that’s notbattery-operated. Still, how could she resist being engaged to a guy who’s the sexual equivalent of her favorite dessert topped with whipped cream and a cherry, even if it’s just pretend? Emma knows all too well that if something seems too good—or too tempting—to be true, it definitely is…

Now it’s a game of pretend with a whole lot of chemistry between the guy who’s used to playing the field—and the woman who opted out of the game long ago. All that’s missing is one helluva curveball…

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