Book Review – A Movie Magic Christmas By Caitlin McKenna

Christmas magic is in the air in this heartwarming and witty small-town reunion romance

Actress Catalina Jones has no intention of spreading Christmas cheer. She’s in St. Nicholas, Colorado, to save her career, not uncover the truth behind the famous “Scrooge Legend.” Besides, there isn’t enough magic in the world to fix the trust issues years in show business have given her.  

When Hollywood director turned wildlife photographer Jay Townsend hears Catalina is the lead in the production, he has no intention of lending a hand. She’d been his leading lady once…before she broke his heart.

But some things are just meant to be.

Together again in a winter wonderland filled with someone’s little helpers determined to spread Christmas cheer, Catalina and Jay find themselves on a journey of rediscovery and learn that love is the most powerful magic of all.

Published Date: 25 October 2022

My Review

Catalina is in Colorado filming a new movie. This is an opportunity for her to run away from the controversial breakup with her ex-boyfriend. She is a star but her ice queen persona is causing her issue with the crew and fans. While everyone was at the set, she found out that Jay is also part of the crew as a Still photographer. Jay was on sabbatical leave as a director. He was the one who directed the film that turned Catalina into a star. The story then continue with both Catalina and Jay trying to rebuild their relationship and overcoming the obstacles along the way. This is fun and sweet holiday romance set in a small town of Colorado.

My Rating

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