Book Review – Savoring Christmas By Shanna Hatfield

He’s a former rodeo star who gave up his career to run the family ranch.

She’s an aspiring chef with a food truck, a dream, and no interest in another man coming along to ruin her plans.

Troy Lucas walked away from his winning rodeo career to run the family ranch after the death of his grandfather. Now, being a rancher, a farrier, and even team roping just for fun can’t seem to keep him satisfied. He didn’t think he’d miss his glory days in the rodeo when he came back home – in fact, there’s nowhere else he’d rather be. Still, he can’t deny the hole inside that keeps reminding him he’s longing for something . . . more.

Chef Lark Gibson has only one thing on her mind: opening a restaurant in Portland. Until that day comes, Lark will take her food truck to as many events as possible and make sure her customers are always begging for more. The last thing she expected was to find herself distracted by a knight in dusty Wranglers, until a handsome cowboy comes to her rescue and catches her off-guard.

Will the approaching Christmas season lead this hungry cowboy and ambitious chef to realize that what they think they want isn’t what they really need?

Published Date : 10 November 2022

My Review

Troy met Lark when he comes to her rescue and find himself attracted to her. Troy is an ex-pro rodeo roper who run a family ranch with his grandmother. He gave up his dream of working the rodeo circuit to look after his grandmother. Lark on the other hand, has plans for her future , to owned a restaurant in Portland and to achieve that , she works tirelessly on her food truck. Both of them had difficult relationships in the past and neither is looking for anything serious. What started of as a friendship, fate seem to keep drawing them together.

This is a heartwarming story of two person who have dreams found love when they least expected it. Love especially the nickname that Troy gave Lark “songbird”.

My Rating

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