Happy Publication Day – 7 April 2023

The Renegade By Kimberly Kincaid

He’s a younger man. An ex-Marine with a traumatic past. And he wants only one thing.


The last thing Jo Rossi expects when she goes to Remington for a make-or-break audition is to end up meeting an ex-Marine who’s more than half a decade younger than her and hotter than a freaking supernova.

And wait. Is he flirting with her?

The one and only time Jo has ever acted on impulse, she ended up with a surprise baby and a career she had to put on hold for six years. She needs to play it safe. Smart. And she definitely needs to not have a wild, impulsive, no-strings-attached fling so far from home.

Except Sawyer Knox is definitely flirting with her. And the more she gets to know him, the harder it is to resist…

Sawyer learned the hard way how short life can be. So when he sees Jo at the end of his bar, with her sassy smile and her mile-long legs, hell yes he flirts with her. He just didn’t mean to have a scorching-hot fling with her. Or to spend so much time with her after that.

He definitely didn’t mean to fall for her so fast or so hard.

Sawyer wants her. He wants it all. But Jo has to decide—can she risk her heart and go from fling to forever?

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