Book Review – Be Your Everything By Catherine Bybee

With two protective older brothers and a traditional Catholic Italian mother, it’s surprising that Chloe D’Angelo can manage a date without someone in the family naysaying her romantic choice. And Dante Mancuso…oh, no. Her brother’s best friend is not a dating-app right swipe.

But when they are left unsupervised on a late night in Vegas, all of that changes. Add in a Vegas wedding chapel and a couple of “I dos” and Chloe wakes up with a ring on her finger and a hangover. Dating Dante was always a secret desire, but marriage? The rift that this news would cause in her family has both of them keeping their nuptials to themselves as they scramble to undo their Vegas mistake.

Dante knew the rules: Chloe was off-limits. Only, he can’t stop once his mind starts to believe she might be his forever. Just as their attraction deepens, Chloe flees to Bali, desperate to clear her head.

All Dante has to do is keep her brothers from killing him and convince Chloe that they are meant for each other. But first, Dante has to find her.

Published Date: 15 November 2022

My Review

Chloe has crush in Dante for a long time and she convince herself she is not. Dante know Chloe is off limits because she is his best friend’s sister, but he could not help himself in Vegas. They end up drunk and Dante is not sure how it happened, but he married Chloe. They realise it was a mistake the next morning but it was too late to do anything. When their families find out about the wedding, they begged them to stay out of it and let them handle things their own.

A delightful, funny and adorable story to me. The storyline is mix of love, heartbreak, family ties and drama. Love both Dante and Chloe for their great chemistry and endearing characters.

My Rating

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