Happy Publication Day – 11 April 2023

Talk Of The Town By Jennifer Bardsley

In this lighthearted romance filled with small-town humor and high jinks, an unsuspecting real estate agent becomes the wildest dream come true for all the single moms—except the one he wants.

They’re coworkers, friends, and confidants, but Peter Marshal has always pined for a little something more with Noelle Walters. As a widow and a single mom, Noelle prefers to play it safe, and falling for Peter was never part of the plan.

Then again, neither of their plans accounted for the well-meaning but meddling actions of Peter’s sister, who offers him up as their town’s most eligible bachelor in the local moms’ Facebook group. He’s none the wiser about the source of this sudden surge in attention, but he only has eyes for Noelle. And from where she’s standing on the sidelines of Peter’s popularity, it’s getting harder to pretend that she doesn’t see what everyone else sees in her best friend.

With all eyes on them, will Peter and Noelle finally see beyond the hurdles to the happily ever after that’s been there all along?

One Hot Cowboy Wedding By Carolyn Brown

He’ll do whatever it takes to get ownership of that ranch…

When our lawyer went over Gramps’s will and told me that my ranch would be signed over to my no-‘count cousin Cole unless I got married, I was in despair. I had a week left to get married and not even a girlfriend to propose to.

And then there’s the woman he loves…

When I told Ace I’d marry him, it was just to help out an old friend. He’d have a marriage license to show his lawyer, and the time would pass the same for me whether I was married or not. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Right—unless your secret wedding is filmed and shared with the entire world.

Captivated By Callie By Jennifer Bishop

Devon Steele wants his sexy new neighbor, but will her secret drive them apart?

Callie Hargraves is on the run and the sleepy beach town of Flamingo Cove seems the perfect place to hide.

She’s just starting to feel safe again when her peace is disturbed in a totally different way when her new neighbor moves in… Devon Steele. A retired military man who wants nothing more than a quiet life as a boat captain. He can tell Callie is hiding something, and he wants nothing to do with her. He’s had his fill of troublesome women in the past and is determined not to repeat his mistakes.

They manage to fight their attraction to each other until the day Callie’s secret catches up with her. With her life in danger, will Devon break his promise to himself to keep her safe?

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