Book Review – Tempt Me By Samantha Chase

He hates the holidays. She lives for them. Let the games begin.

A small town, grumpy/sunshine romance from NY Times Best Selling Author Samantha Chase

Six months ago, Liam Donovan met the world’s cheeriest, most upbeat woman at a wedding.

It was the longest two days of his life.

Now she’s his next door neighbor.

Talk about awkward.

Tessa Sullivan believes in always looking at the bright side. Unfortunately, her new neighbor is the most negative man on the planet and seems to have made it his mission to ruin her good mood on a daily basis. She loves to sing, she loves to smile, but more than anything, she loves to decorate for the holidays. The fact that this seems to bug her new neighbor is simply a perk.

After twelve years in the Marines, Liam is more than ready to come home and start the next phase of his life. He’s starting a business, reconnecting with his mildly over-bearing family, and loves the fact that he’s finally got a place of his own. If only his neighbor’s decorations would stay on her side of the property. There isn’t one thing about Tessa that tempts him…until there is. Now she’s all he can think about.

Being friends makes sense.

Becoming lovers was inevitable.

But having Tessa be his forever is more than tempting

Published Date: 6 December 2022

My Review

Liam is back in town after a decade in the military and purchased a house next to Tessa. While Liam come across as grumpy, Tessa is overly cheerful who enjoy being happy and making others happy. They have nothing in common but become friend with benefits. Liam is the oldest among 4 siblings and have been away all these while. Being back in town, he need to adapt that he no longer has control over his siblings. He need to reconnect with his family. Tessa loves to smile laugh and sing, is a widow who lost her best friend few years back. Yet she still allocates certain hour in the day to solely talk to him. Her family is worried for her but to her, she is back on track. She need  to learn to find a way to live without him.

This book is enemies to lovers and holiday romance that filled with emotion. I love how Liam and Tessa learned about themselves and each other. Liam is a kind and loving person despite his crankiness. I like the way he brings Tessa out from her delusions and indirectly bringing her back to reality. Overall it is heartwarming read to me.

My Rating

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