Book Review – All That We Are By Mariah Stewart

In the decade since Emma Dean’s husband died, she’s maintained a peaceful and organized life in her hometown of Wyndham Beach—until she finds evidence of her husband’s longtime affair. How, Emma wonders, can a man who’s been gone for ten years still break her heart?

Still reeling from the betrayal, Emma must focus on the group of artists she’s invited to take up residence at the art center she founded, one of whom is secretly seeking refuge from her abusive ex. Toss in a charming businessman who’s returned to town with eyes for only Emma, and it’s becoming a most interesting summer.

And the biggest surprise of all is about to ring Emma’s doorbell and turn her life completely upside down yet again.

As Emma struggles between what was and what is, she discovers that the life she really wants—however unexpected—is just within reach, if she’s willing to fight for it.

Published Date: 13 December 2022

My Review

Emma found out her death husband had a relationship with his secretary on the his 10th death anniversary. He was the local bank’s president and has left her well off and taken care off. She felt bitter and struggled to overcome the betrayal despite that it happened long ago and her husband is no longer around as it makes her questioned their relationship and the life that they shared together. While all this happening, she found a little girl at her doorstep claiming that her father is Emma’s only son, Chris. It comes as a shock to her and she can’t possibility asked the little girl to go back to where she come from before they find out the truth about her existence. While all this thing going on, Emma get support from her 2 close friends, Maggie and Liddy and her possibility of closer relationship with Owen consumed the rest of the story.

This story explores on complexity in relationship about betrayal, family and friendship. The main characters are relatable and story line realistic and flow easily. The mystery surrounding the little girl make the story make me hard to put down my kindle. The friendship between Emma, Maggie and Liddy is clearly strong in this book and the way they supported each other is something that make the reader envious. Overall, it is an enjoyable read to me.

My Rating

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