Book Review – Mail Order Cowboy By Victoria James

Hope Roberts has a strict No Cowboys Allowed policy. Between raising her daughter, running her business, and trying to settle into her new ranch, Hope has no room for romance—especially when it comes to cowboys. What she needs is someone to help fix her ranch. But the only person to respond to her ad is the one man Hope still blames for her husband’s death…

In Wishing River, Dr. Dean Stanton is pretty much a legend. Cowboy, doctor, heir to his family’s ranching empire—everyone knows and loves him…with the exception of Hope. But Dean doesn’t trust a complete stranger to keep Hope and her daughter safe. And despite their troubled past, he’s still the best cowboy for her job.

Bit by cautious bit, Hope’s little family of two is making room for the man she once thought of as her enemy. Until one day, Dean looks like the perfect exception to her “no cowboys” rule. But he’s been keeping a secret from her that could destroy their newfound family…

Published Date: 27 December 2022

My Review

Hope is a holistic doctor who juggle between a ranch, work and her kid. Hope has recently moved into the ranch with her daughter. She needed help but could not find someone to and she don’t know how to fix the ranch. The only response she gotten is from Dr Dean who was her husband doctor and she blame him for his death. Dean, is a wealthy doctor who comes from a family who make you cringe. Unlike his father, Dean is responsible and sweet. He has loved Hope from afar but keep it all to himself.

It is a story about healing and finding love again. It centered between Hope and Dean who being in love but unable to be together. Love reading when they are together and they do make a cute couple. Dean is the perfect hero who seem to have a perfect life; wealthy, a professional doctor, a rich rancher and heir to a fortune. But he is miserable. He has strained relationship with his father and no contact with his only brother. Hope on the other hand, is struggling and her attraction to Dean is not helping her. Both of them need to work through their secrets and overcome all the hurdles for them to find love with each other. Overall, it is a sweet read to me.

My Rating

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