Book Review – Something From Tiffany’s By Melissa Hill

New York City at Christmas and a visit to Tiffany’s is a recipe to sweep a girl off her feet unless fate has other plans . . .

When Ethan Greene lost his wife, he never thought he would be able to replace her, until one woman stepped in and showed him how to be happy again. Now, on a romantic Christmas trip to New York City, he has a plan to show Vanessa just how important she is to him and maybe even to give his daughter, Daisy, a complete family again. He’s going to propose with a perfect ring from Tiffany’s.

Gary Knowles and his girlfriend, Rachel, are on the trip of a lifetime in New York at the most magical time of year. The only thing missing is Gary’s gift for Rachel, since as usual, he’s left his shopping far too late. On a last-minute Christmas Eve visit to Tiffany’s, he quickly picks out a charm bracelet for her and heads back to their hotel. But, in a moment, one small mistake changes everything…

Published Date: 4 October 2022

My Review

It is a story of 2 man who are bought a gift for their respective partners and the gift got mixed up between them when they involved in an accident. Gary did his last minutes shopping, bought a Tiffany’s charm for his girlfriend while Ethan who planned to proposed over Christmas bought a perfect engagement ring for Vanessa. And when the Tiffany’s bag got mixed up, their lives has become intertwined when Ethan tried to recover to find back his pricey bag.

This story filled with twist and turns. At times, i feel frustrated with Ethan. He come across as Mr Nice guy in this story. He doesn’t want to hurt Rachel’s feeling hence he missed the chance to tell her the ring that she wore belong to him and not from her fiancé. Overall, this book is a quick read to me with fate and betrayal being the focus of the story.

My Rating

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