Happy Publication Day – 11 May 2023

Holiday Read By Taylor Cole

When romance-fanatic Candice meets writer Alexis, she thinks her happy ending is finally on its way. He walks into her struggling Cornish surf school, and they hit it off straight away. Until she discovers that Alexis has been using their courtship as inspiration for the romantic novel he’s struggling to write.

When Alexis offers to bring her in on the deal if Candice helps him deliver a winning book to his publisher, she accepts. But can Candice trust Alexis after his lies? And will she keep her focus when Alexis’ sweet, handsome and loyal agent Daniel arrives on the scene? Together, Candice, Alexis and Daniel will embark on a very unusual summer of love, as Candice tries to teach the men the recipe for a perfect romance story.

But you can’t have a great love story without a great romantic hero. Will Candice find hers before the summer is over?

Queuing For The Queen By Sweta Rana

One queue. 250,000 people. Twenty-four life-changing hours.

A young boy wearing a cereal box crown, impatiently dragging his mother behind him.

A friendly man in a khaki raincoat, talking about his beloved Leeds United to anyone who will listen.

An elderly woman who has lived her life alongside the Queen, and is just hoping she’ll make it to the end of the queue to say goodbye.

And among them, a British Indian mother and daughter, driven apart by their differences, embarking on a pilgrimage which neither of them yet know will change their lives forever.

Full of secrets and surprises, this uplifting novel celebrates not only the remarkable woman who defined an era and a country, but also the diverse and unique people she served for so long.

Navy SEAL’s Innocent Italian By Leslie North

Romance and revenge are a deadly combination…

Former Navy SEAL Jake Travers’s mission is simple… Tail Marco Bresi, the man who once kidnapped billionaire Trent Caldwell’s baby, so Trent can find out what he’s up to now. But Jake never expected to find an intoxicatingly beautiful woman alongside the shady character he’s following.

Alexandra Moretti may be smart, gorgeous, and the most captivating woman Jake has ever met. But as far as he’s concerned, she’s the key to getting close to Marco. But as Jake gets closer to her, his attraction becomes an addiction. And soon, he can’t imagine life without her…

After a disastrous arranged engagement, Alexandra is looking to escape Italy, so she allows Marco to bring her to the U.S. as a favor to her father. But the second she meets the ruggedly handsome Jake, she finds herself drawn to him. Something about his smoldering blue eyes and commanding presence makes her feel safe and protected. And she knows he desires her as much as she desires him…

But will their steamy affair come to an end when Alex uncovers Jake’s true motives?

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