Book Review – Finding Home In Dolphin’s Cove By Kellie Hailes

All Kenna Sanders has ever wanted is to find a place she can call home. So when her grandmother leaves her failing bait shop business to her, Kenna sees a chance at building a stable life in the Cornish village she was born in but never knew. But her grandmother’s will has one stipulation: she has to share the cottage with a total stranger!

Kyran has lost everyone he holds dear and now his business is on the verge of collapse. The last thing he wants is for a woman to waltz in, promise to make it all better, and stir up feelings he’s long supressed. Especially a woman in such close proximity…

Kenna has an idea to save the business: set up a fishing festival to reinspire interest in the bait shop. As they work closely together, attraction quickly sparks between them. But while Kenna is looking for forever, Kyran is too afraid to get hurt again. Can they find a way to make the festival a success and escape with their hearts intact?

Published Date: 22 August 20232

My Review

Kenna went back to take over the bait shop that her grandmother leave her. She saw the chance to set up a stable for herself in the Cornish village she born into but never stay around before. However, her inheritance came with a clause, she have to stay with Kyran who basically a stranger to her. The bait business is on the verge of collapse and Kenna have to come up with something to save the business.

This story is about family and finding love again. Both Kenna and Kyran comes from a dysfunctional family. While Kenna have her mum, Kyran was alone since he was small and it was Kenna’s grandma who take care of him. He also experienced painful loss and it was rather difficult for him to be closed to someone again. It is rather emotional read for me reading the story as the main characters individually dealing with some emotional conflicts.

My Rating

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