Book Review – All Wrapped Up By Ally Bunbury

It’s the time of year … to run away from your life

Holly always seems to make the wrong decisions: her career in London is going nowhere, and she’s ended up engaged to a man she doesn’t love.

Which is why she decides that’s all going to change – starting with calling off her engagement, six weeks before their Christmas Eve wedding.

Then Holly sees an ad for what could be her dream job: helping to declutter a remote country house back home in Ireland. It’s her chance to avoid all talk of weddings and the trappings of her least favourite time of year.

But when Holly arrives at the beautiful but neglected Knockboden, she discovers that Serena Harpur, the glamorous owner, is planning on renting it out as a romantic honeymoon destination in a bid to avoid financial ruin.

With Serena’s handsome but moody son hanging around, dead set against his mother’s plan, Holly begins to wonder if she’s made yet another bad decision.

Then Serena gets a phone call that looks set to change the fate of Knockboden. Will Holly realise that maybe she has found herself in exactly the right place, at the right time of year, for the first time ever?

Published Date: 27 October 2022

My Review

Holly having doubt to marry her fiancé and generally her life. She did something drastic, i.e. leaving all behind and take up a position near Wicklow Mountains. She met with the owner, Serena Harpur who are struggling to stay afloat and she know her son, Tyrone is getting impatience with her trouble. Her home is in need of repair and Tyrone is urging her to sell the house. But she has her foot firmly on the ground and instead hire Holly to help her declutter. Holly is overwhelmed with the task and an unexpected phone call changed the situation for them. The story plot is rather slow at the beginning but then it became more exciting midway of the story. Overall it is a sweet and charming story.

My Rating

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