Happy Publication Day – 25 May 2023

Sheikh’s Accidental Pregnancy By Leslie North

Sometimes opposites attract…

When Sarah starts work at the Botros Oil Company, she doesn’t expect the tall and stunningly sexy CEO to be so rude, arrogant, and argumentative. He obviously doesn’t approve of his brother hiring her.

Sheikh Tariq Botros has never met anyone like Sarah. She has no respect for tradition. She’s clumsy, stubborn, unladylike, and talks far too much. She also isn’t intimidated by him. In fact, she openly challenges him. Just talking to her is an exercise in frustration.

After a heated argument leads to an unforgettable night of passion, they both agree it can never happen again. But there are consequences to their unprotected encounter, and they’re forced to come to terms with their feelings and the explosive attraction between them.

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